Team Coaching Techniques

A technique is defined as a way of doing something.  A good technique makes the action easier or more elegant.  It is a learned activity which can be developed over time.  Put a collection of techniques together and you start to develop a work philosophy.

The team coaching techniques set out in these pages explain some of the core processes that sit at the heart of coaching a team, particularly when working with a project team. They represent a way of thinking about how you approach each different team scenario you are faced with. Some of the techniques require shift in perspective, whilst others are quite practical.

Learning to apply them consistently will help you develop your confidence as a coach and a leader.  As you read through them, think about the extent to which you currently work this way and how you might explore and experiment with each concept to improve your skills.

Curious Enquiry

The art of asking genuine questions

Slow Down To Speed Up

Prioritising time to think and plan

Create a Thinking Environment

Getting the best value from a workshop