About the site.

The site is set up to provide a resource to leaders who recognise the need to adopt a coaching approach to project leadership, but need practical advice and ideas as to how to go about it.

It draws on the thinking and ideas of different experts form the fields of team performance, group psychology, and project implementation.

The interaction of human beings in groups is a fascinating area of study, which is becoming ever more important as we continue to move into a more complex, interdependent world. I recently came across an article by Harold Jarche* who talks about the concept of ‘learning and working out loud.’ His observation is that in an increasingly networked world ideas, opinions and perspectives have a greater chance of turning into reality if they are freed to be picked up and improved by others. This concept of working and learning out loud appeals to me, and so the site is part of my personal mission to learn and share as I continue to explore the field of team coaching.

So I welcome your feedback, your stories of success and failure or just to know what you are thinking or doing in trying to become a more influential and effective member of a team. You can contact me by email on tony.llewellyn@resolex.com

About you.

My audience is primarily people who have to lead teams of people to achieve a specific objective. Many of you will be project managers, but the tools are also valid for someone tasked with leading a cross functional team. I recognise that there are also many others who have an interest in team development, either at a personal or professional level, who may find this website useful. The key criteria however is that you are looking to learn, and are willing to experiment.

About me.

I am a specialist in the behavioural forces that can be used to build effective Tony profile Jan 16teams. I am a qualified chartered surveyor, and also have a Masters degree in Coaching and Behavioural Change. I now work primarily as an advisor to teams working on major projects where collaboration is recognised as being critical to success.

I am Collaboration Director for Resolex, an independent project consultancy specialising in Early Warning Signals, collaborative engagement and stakeholder management.  The business specialises in helping people fix their own problems by learning to look at old problems from a new perspective.

Prior to starting out as a team specialist, I worked on both the client and the consultancy side of many major projects, including a senior management role in a substantial UK construction consultancy, and also as a director of a global engineering business. A more detailed summary of my background can be found on my Linkedin profile.

My pleasure in writing turned into a book, entitled ‘Performance Coaching for Complex Projects’ which was published in 2015. I also regularly contribute articles to various publications in the professional press.

I do a fair amount of lecturing and teaching, both to students at two London Universities, as well as to individuals and groups undertaking professional development training.

Contact me.

Email me direct at tony.llewellyn@resolex.com

*Harold Jarche (2015) The Triple-A Organisation and PKM, published in Wirearchy, sketches for the future of work, edited by Jon Husband. http://wirearchy.com/wirearchy-the-ebook/