I have just finished reading a great new book titled the Culture Code by Daniel Coyle. I would say this is a ‘must read’ for anyone who wants to build, manage or coach a resilient team. The book has a marvellously simple structure based on three key insights;

  1. That teams work most effectively when their members feel psychological safety.
  2. That leaderships goes to another level when the leader can admit a degree of vulnerability
  3. That having a strong sense of common purpose provides a team with the foundation to be able to find their own answers to problems, without the need for constant direction.

Coyne’s observations are not dramatically new, as they have been identified by a range of observers over the last few years.  I think the difference comes in how the ideas are packaged in the stories used to illustrate them.  He also includes a lot of practical advice as to what you might actually do with this knowledge. Having just finished the book, I am now going back to the beginning to pick out some of the jewels to use in my own practice.

The above concepts sit very much in the ‘soft’ area that is traditionally ignored by professionals looking for the certainty of transactional evidence. I sense however that more and more people are realising that spreadsheets and databases will only get you so far. In a fiercely competitive and fast changing world, you have to start learning how to use your social intelligence. This book could be the gateway you need to adjust your mindset.

Happy reading.